Explain why some Christians allow abortion, but some do not? (8marks)

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I know the 'do not' side but im not sure on the other. Any ideas? Thanks x

Posted Wed 7th November, 2012 @ 22:14 by Katherine

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Is this a part c question ?

Christians allow abortion if the following conditions apply.. 

  • the life or physical health of the mother is at risk
  • the mental health of the mother is at risk
  • the mother’s existing family will suffer
  • there is a reasonable chance that the child will be born seriously disabled
Answered Thu 8th November, 2012 @ 20:35 by ? Secret - Team GR
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Some denominations of Christians do allow abortion, especially in an instance where the Mother's life is in danger if she has the baby. 

Some Christians (Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints) will even allow an abortion if the baby is a result of incest or ****, and the same branch of Christianity also permit abortions if the baby will be born with a disability or severe defect 

Answered Wed 7th November, 2012 @ 23:04 by Charlotte Harrison
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Yes, it is a C and thanks that's really helpful :) x

Answered Thu 8th November, 2012 @ 21:41 by Katherine