Explain the episode of the sirens in the larger context of the Odyssey

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What does "in the larger context of the Odyssey mean". When approaching this type of question should I explore themes such as temptation and the seductive power of women?

Posted Sat 12th January, 2013 @ 11:10 by George Heath

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In the larger context would be just comparing everything in the book to the Sirens episode. Maybe write about Odysseus' endurance throughout the Odyssey, and compare it to him enduring the Sirens' song. And yeah I think a comparison between characters such as Circe and Calypso with the Sirens is a good idea - saying things like how he was tempted to stay with them and why, what they did to convince him and how he overcame the temptation to stay and carry on his journey to Ithaca.

Hope that gives you some ideas...

Answered Fri 18th January, 2013 @ 10:20 by Former Member
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thankyou :)

Answered Sun 3rd February, 2013 @ 15:42 by George Heath