Exams!! Particle Physics

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Good luck to everyone in upcoming exams. Does anyone have any simple approaches to remembering fundamental particle properties. (Lepton number/Baryon number) Can't seem to get it to stick in!! :(

Posted: 01-05-12 09:08 by Tom Wade

I learnt it as if it's a Baryon (e.g. A proton), it's +1 Baryon number, and anti-baryon (like an anti-proton) is -1. If it's a quark in a baryon, you divide the Baryon Number by three. Anything else is 0. Same applies for a Lepton. Lepton, +1, anti -1, anything else 0. Hope this helps! :)

If you're doing AQA, they're given on the sheet.

Posted: 13-05-12 12:57 by Alicia White

Can never remeber what is conserved in each reaction x

Posted: 13-05-12 12:58 by Edward Pinches

I always use charge and lepton number... They're the only ones I can remember...

Posted: 13-05-12 14:15 by Alicia White

Thanks All.

Alicia, I am going to try and remember it how you have explained it. I get the concept, I've just never really had it stuck in my mind when exams arrive. Pretty much all of the rest of A2 Physics is fine :)

I'm doing Edexcel, but thanks all the same. :)

Posted: 13-05-12 21:26 by Tom Wade

Edward - Momentum, Kinetic Energy, Charge, Lepton Number and Baryon Number are always conserved in a particle collision, as they are elastic collisions.


Posted: 13-05-12 21:28 by Tom Wade