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i get really, really, really nervous for exams. i'm quite clever but my marks are quite low because i just freak out whenever i'm in test conditions. the more and more i revise, the more and more stressed i get. does anyone have any techniques to help me chill out or remember things in exams better, it would be massively appreciated!

Posted: 22-05-11 22:43 by Bethan Owens

It helps to write yourself a step-by-step list on the night before the exam of exactly what you need to do when you get into the exam room. Read it over a few times. Then, when in the exam room, tell yourself what to do. Sit down and say to yourself (in your head :-p ) 'fill in name, candidate number etc.' then do it. 'Spend 5 minutes planning my essay, I should include this, this, and this,' and then do it. etc. etc. It really helps to calm me down, although you do feel a bit stupid at first!

Posted: 23-05-11 13:41 by Megan

try burnin some essential oils, like lavender or vanilla whilst revisin, and then put a few drops of the oil onto a tissue and take it into the exam with you... when u smell it, it should jog ur memory, aint gunna lie it does work, my student support lady told me LOL :)

Posted: 23-05-11 13:56 by Shannon D

A good technique is to clench all your muscles and release them one by one.

Posted: 25-05-11 18:06 by Nyanda Foday

 take a few seconds before exam to take some deep breaths. What i do is just totally relax myself so when i go in to the exam i am calm enough to think everything through properly

Posted: 25-05-11 18:11 by Veena

Don't worry - I'm exactly the same - I can do really well in class but when it comes to the actual exam I just freak out and my mind goes blank. I even started having chest pains due to the amount of stress I was under. What you need to do is just take a deep breath and just pretend that the result doesn't matter - that this is just a normal test that you would do in class. Hope this helps x

Posted: 25-05-11 18:13 by lbennetts

thank you to all the responses! very much appreciated, hoping this will mean i won't do too badly :) especially Laura, i thought i was the only one! 

Posted: 25-05-11 22:48 by Bethan Owens

make yourself a "formula/step-by-step guide" to answer questions

this is what i use, this way you know what you have to include for each type of question

then you know you will have tried your best and you will just have to wait until the exams come out

good luck :)

here are some of my resources if you are doing my courses


Posted: 26-05-11 12:51 by Tiffany

I think you should just take a deep breath count to 10 and let it out. That's what I do before my dance shows and works everytime. Just think,  everyone else in the room feels the same as you. You're not alone. You know the stuff, just relax, chill out. Do your best and everything will work out. You know the stuff and I am sure you will be fine :)
Good luck ** 

Posted: 26-05-11 16:33 by Maria Roberson

Always think poistive, youve revised so you know you can get the mark you deserve. Tell yourself you can do it.

Posted: 26-05-11 16:39 by Iram

omg i am totaly the same. in my english mock i just blacked out and forgot what to write:S i try to not get distracted by people around me and pretend i'm at home. i find that helps me to calm down a bit.

Posted: 01-06-11 18:39 by Maddy