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the square based pyramid has a base width of 2x cm. The vertical height of the pyramid is x cm. The length of all the slanted sides are 8¬3 (8 root 3). Find x.

can anyone help?

Posted: 29-05-11 14:01 by Kelly:)

Very hard to explain without a picture.  Here goes:

let the diagonal of the bas of the square be 2y.

this gives 2y2 (2 y squared) equals 2x all squared.

thus 2x2 (2 x squared) = y2 ( y squared)

Using the diagonal gives 8 root 3 all squared equals x squared plus y squared.

so y squared = 8 root 3 all squared - x squared.

so three x squared = 8 root 3 all squared.

solve this to give x = 8

Posted: 30-05-11 17:40 by Arron Beckett

gosh it is difficult! thank you, I think I get it :) x

Posted: 30-05-11 19:54 by Kelly:)

can any one make special notes or tell me easy way to get a/a* in edexcel maths because i got my exam next week?

Posted: 31-05-11 11:13 by Jatinder