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If someone is mentally fit... how does a judge or anyone else have the right to say whether they should be able to commit euthanasia or not?? It's their life after all, there should be a time period where the person who wants to commit euthanasia has to wait to make sure that they are making the right decision, but how someone else can make  that decision for them is beyond me.

What are your view??

Posted: 05-03-12 19:12 by Abitracey


Posted: 06-03-12 16:45 by Gabby Tracey

Im all for it to be honest...I mean, why should we force people to live their lives in pain when they are clearly suffering? It is important to listen to the wishes of the patients because it is THEIR life after all and if they don't want to continue leading such a life then they should be allowed that option to escape it :)

Posted: 06-03-12 18:18 by M


Posted: 06-03-12 20:45 by Leah

I belive that if someone is in so much pain and that they dont want to live and their is no cure for them i think they should be able to die and be able  to  be released form pain **

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Posted: 07-03-12 12:16 by Kristy

cool beans

Posted: 07-03-12 17:34 by Gabby Tracey