Essay Techniques- help!

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Hey guys, basically, i dont know about you but for Section C I have to write two essays and for Section A I have to write 4. It would really help if I had some in my head for the exam so I would be able to produce better essays. Please help!

Posted: 10-04-12 15:10 by Sophie

Insteaf of writing essays, create a mind map on ideas you have,

Posted: 16-04-12 12:00 by Oliver

Hey, sorry is this is a bit late, but i have this exam next week and did it last year as well and got an a*- so my advice for the essays is to try not to waffle on too much! Keep your answers clear and to the point, but you need to put in lots of detail about specific examples of your performance. Analyse and don't forget to mention lots on facial expression, body movement voice and gesture as examiners love this and also interaction with the audience. There isn't really much point writing the essays before the exam because the questions are always different, so make revision cards with the most important points and examples for each section and you will be absolutely fine! Don't panic on the day and write clearly. Good luck! :)

Posted: 12-05-12 17:35 by Izzy