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I have unit 1 business AS - AQA exam coming up soon.

I already have gained a C in it but would prefer a better grade as I feel that I can handle the smaller questions (8 marks and below) really well but when I start to approach the questions that are 8 marks and above, I tend to lose marks very easily.

I was wondering what to do if it was a 'discuss' or a 'do you agree with & explain why' question


1) definition

2) confused

3) confused

'do you agree with & explain why'

1) definition

2) do you say which you agree with such as option 1 or 2 straight away?

3) confused

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.

Posted: 05-01-11 21:39 by Manjinder

hey im doin alevel business, i got an A at AS so im kinda sure wat im talkin about lol :P

if its a ''discuss'' question, yeh u define, then u usually hav to explain wat the question is asking by focusing on 2 aspects. So, if its ''discuss the issues'', u talk about 2 issues in detail and kinda sum them up at the end, not a detailed conclusion, jus a brief summary :)

but if its ''discuss the extent'', you hav to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages and explain them and then come to a conclusion as to which 1 has the greatest extent.

''do u agree with n explain why''-


say if u agree or disagree with (brief sentence)

explain why u agree/disagree, then explain why u don't disagree/agree

lastly, answer the question! say if u agree or disagree, as a conclusion. hope this helped :)

Posted: 09-01-11 21:26 by Natashaaa*

Can someone give me a structure example for the 10/18/34 mark question in Unit 3 AQA.

Posted: 16-01-11 10:38 by Marianna Edun

knowledge (definition)




(buss 3 , 34 marker)

Posted: 01-12-11 10:58 by LaurenCarr

you're chatting out your rectum my friend.

Posted: 06-12-11 09:49 by Dominic

easy tiger

Posted: 08-01-12 20:55 by nick moss

@Natashaaa* do u mind if i cntact u? cn u gv me ur emial id? act i m takin as business studies this may so i would like to ask for some help!!!!!

Posted: 29-02-12 17:15 by Vinita

Usually an essay question starts with "discuss".

This means that there are TWO ways of looking at it (9 times out of 10)

In other words, they want you to ask:

1. "What's Good about this?"

2. "What's Bad about this?"

Try using this Structure when writing:

1st paragraph:  Introduce the topic (and don't just say "today I'm gonna write about"). I like saying that the two firms/options/approaches both have pros and cons.

2nd and 3rd: One paragraph for describing the first "thing's" Good stuff, the next one for Bad stuff.

4th and 5th: Do the same thing with the other option/business/ whatever.

and then (Now this is very important)


(Which looks something like this)

"Although Option A might provide short-term security for Blah Blah inc.  , Option B provides long-term security, even though it will take longer to be executed. Therefore I think that Option B would be a better choice for Blah Blah inc.

DO NOT (however) EVER USE BULLET POINTS.... you're only gonna get 50% of your total essay points because of this (even if you're right...)

Hope this helps :)

Posted: 23-03-12 12:10 by Guilliam Nel


thanks it helped :)

Posted: 30-03-12 11:37 by arifa