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Anyone fancy explaining the concept of equilibriums for Higher Chemistry? (The idea of equilibriums shifting to the right/left, etc ) I can't seem to get my head around it.   

Posted: 10-03-12 18:04 by Charlotte Mackenzie

Same ... 

But basically if a chemical reaction is in equilibrium and something distrbs this like an increse in temperature, concentraion, pressure ...the equilibrium moves to whichever direction reduces the disturbance .. this is le chatiers principle. 

So basically the equilibrium will either **** to the right ( the forward direction) or the left (the backward direction).

If we increase the concentration of a reaction in equlibrium 

A+B = C +D Increasing A means we get an increased amount of B being used up and C +D being produced , so according to LCP the equilibrium will shift to which ever way reduces the disturbance, in this case more c+D will be formed so, it will move to the right (in the forward direction  will be favoured).

Pressure only effects gaseous reactions and their as to be a different number of moles. If their is a change of pressure, the system was in equilibirum and the reaction is gaseous andtheir are different moles on each side the equilibrium will shift to reduce the disturbance

A + 2B = aB2

Increasing the pressure on this reaction, means the equilibrium will shift, it will try and decrease the pressure so will move to the side with the least amount of molecules .. it will favour the foward reaction (The point of equilibrium will move to the right). and vice versa if their is a decrease in pressurem due to LCP the backward reaction would be favoured s their is a greater number of particles on this side of the reaction  

A catalyst does not effect the position of equlibrium.

Reactions are exothermic in one direction and endo in the other.. if their is a increase ain temperature and the reaction is exothermic, the backward (the endothermic reaction is favoured beccause itabsorbs heat and decrease the disturbance caused) the osition of equilibrium will shift to the left / and vice versa.

In all questions its good to qote LCP.

Not explained to well sozz .. but good luck x

Posted: 11-03-12 16:35 by Edward Pinches

Thanks Ed, that's helped a lot! x

Posted: 12-03-12 14:50 by Charlotte Mackenzie