EPQ in year 13? Is it worth it?

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I'm currently in year 12 & got told about the EPQ. My friends sister did it & got A*. I also heard it means unis may lower their entry requirement for you eg AAA to AAB. I really want to do law at uni & would like to know if I should go for it. I will drop an a level next year meaning I will only be doing 3 a levels. Any advice given will be appreciated. Thank you :o)

Posted: 25-06-13 12:34 by Beanie96

It is a bit long and dull at times, but if you stick with it it can be quite interesting. If you choose a good topic to research then it can be quite enjoyable. I think it's ok - probably wouldn't have taken it, but unis like it which is why I chose to do it. Unis really like it because it shows you can work independently, think for yourself, analyse and bring together your ideas. I started mine in yr 12, but I did it over 2 years to spread the work out, so I'm actually almost done now I'm moving into yr 13.

(Tilly Seargeant) :)

Posted: 26-06-13 18:35 by Tilly - Team GR

Thank you :) That was really helpfu; & I've been dying for a reply, haha **

Posted: 02-07-13 12:51 by Beanie96