Environmental studies 2014!

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Okay, so not seen much discussions on environmental studies! I'm in A2 studying unit 4 at the moment! Think we should all help each other out with revison etc? I'm going to be taking ENVS2, ENVS3 & ENVS4 in May & June! (: 

Posted: 07-03-14 21:23 by A

I found this helpful for unit 2! http://getrevising.co.uk/resources/aqa_environmental_science_unit_2_the_physical_environment

Posted: 07-03-14 21:27 by A

im taking ENVS, 1, 3 and 4 in june 2014

Anyone wanna revise

Posted: 12-03-14 20:13 by Architect

Hey guys! I'm doing AS and I'm stuck on two topics - soil and ozone depletion.

With soil - I'm confused about the componants of soil - such as pH, moisture content etc and its effect on the soil.

With ozone depletion - I'm completely stuck on chlorine and ozone depletion (the reactions involved in ozone depletion). There's so many equations!

Any help would be amazing! Also, thank you for starting this thread - I'm not completely useless on everything so I may be able to help people with AS topics :) 

Posted: 18-03-14 20:36 by Lizzz

HELLO can anybody help me with ozone depletion?

Posted: 28-03-14 18:50 by lll333

@A Which part of ENVS4 are you studying at the moment? My tutor's still teaching Aquatic Food production and I'm a bit worried we're not going to finish on time.

Posted: 03-04-14 20:02 by Kristen-Anne Bowen

What help do you need with Ozone depletion? I'm not really good with unit 2 :/ 

erm we are starting sustainability but I don't understand much of unit 4 and I really don't get unit 3 :( 

Posted: 04-05-14 20:33 by A