English Talk - How to make a dull topic interesting?

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For my English Language unit 2 speaking and listening I have to do a talk. We had to make a non-fiction leaflet trying to get people to donate money to a charity and then we have to talk about the techniques we used. I need good marks in this -how do I make my talk interesting for such a dull topic!!!

Posted: 09-05-13 21:09 by Sunset

Well first off, for a non-fiction leaflet for a charity, you want to be quite formal and informative. Keep the flashy colours etc on hold until you have it all sketched out.

You want to look and revise some persuasive techniques. For example, the rule of three ("This charity is helpful, friendly and kind...") is a persuasive technique, as is rhetorical questions (questions that do not expect an answer). So that could be something like: "How would you feel in this situation?"

These are the ones I can think of from the top of my head, so have a look and see if you can find others.

Hope this helped!

Posted: 22-05-13 08:47 by Vinci7