English Media Paper 1 GCSE.

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I find the questions part, reading and answering questions on texts really really difficult and I am just stumped completely on what to write.
Any good advice for places to go to explain things to me, and what each type of question requires you to do?

Would be much appreciated!!! Thankyou!!  

Posted: 23-03-11 19:55 by Trina

In the first question remeber to comment on the content-what the text is about, language-does it use emotive language, rhetorical questions etc, and the design features and layout- colours, pictures used etc. When writing the question do sub headings then write about each area, this makes it clearer for the examiner and easier for you!

Posted: 23-03-11 21:19 by Lizzy

i read the question before the text so i can anotate as i read the article.

Posted: 29-03-11 15:45 by Charlotte

Always read question before text it really helps me x

Posted: 02-04-11 22:15 by Pwincessxx

Read the whole media text before you start writing, and make notes whilst you read it. x

Posted: 06-04-11 16:14 by Polly

All you need to remember for this section is GAP and LIST

G- genre, time of text e.g newpaer, letter, leaflet

A- Audience,  a group of people, women, men, teenagers, childern...

P- purpose, why was the text written, was it written to inform, entertain, explain or advice

you also need to use LIST

L- Language, emotive language, facts used,

I- information, facts and opinions and what the text contains

S- style, the layout of the text,e.g has it got a picture in the middle, bold writing, colures, font basically presentational devices

T- tone, does the text have a excited tone, sad, 

hope this helps :) 

Posted: 05-05-11 19:23 by sahira

Whatever points you make, always remember to develop. This is my flaw!

Point, Evidence, Explain.

Posted: 08-05-11 20:27 by Lacey Read

P   urpose

A   udience

L   anguage

L   ayout

develop your answers, ask why have they done that? why have they used this certain word/picture/colour? why have they put the text in paragraphs/letter/essay/leaflet/bullet points

Posted: 15-05-11 19:10 by Mollie Gadd