English Literiture exam tomorrow (22.05.2012)

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Anyone doing the english lit exam tomorrow and studing To Kill a Mockingbird or An Insector Calls? Any tips? Im bricking it! What do you think will come up?

Posted: 21-05-12 09:15 by Libby

I'm doing An Inspector Calls you always get a choice of questions - there will pretty much always be a character question there are only 5 characters so it won't take that long to study a bit on each of them. The other question is usually on theme but I have seen it be about lighting and stage directions. So if I was you I would read the play through once and make a study sheet on each character that way you are covered.

Good luck :)

Posted: 21-05-12 09:35 by Georgia

I'm doing An inspector calls and of mice and men :) i think for an inspector calls they might ask about a theme, as said above such as social class and also a character which i think will be maybe Mrs Birling , im so nervous for tmoro! good luck!

Posted: 21-05-12 10:56 by Lamise Hassan

Great thanks guys! Good luck!:)

Posted: 21-05-12 16:02 by Libby

My teacher told me that for the Inspector Calls section, the examiner won't be testing us on context as they will be testing us on context in the other section (whichever novel you are studying; I'm doing Of Mice And Men)!! This is a little bit worrying since An Inspector Calls is all about the context of the period, about social class, so it is very odd that they won't be marking us for context in this section!

Posted: 21-05-12 16:34 by furuba fan

Yeah that is wierd! Thanks for the heads up! What would you define 'context' as?

Posted: 21-05-12 16:45 by Libby

ive got the same exam as you  , doing mice and men and inspector calls on 22nd may 

Posted: 21-05-12 16:49 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR

Well, I'd have thought that the WHOLE play contains context so it's inevitable that we will be writing about it even if we don't intend to! I'd have thought that social prejudice e.g against Eva Smith, the political views about capitalism vs socialism, treatment of women would all count as 'context'... so basically the whole essay?? 

What do you think?

Posted: 21-05-12 16:52 by furuba fan

Yeah that sounds right, well i guess its context all the way then! Thanks, good luck tomorrow

Posted: 21-05-12 17:53 by Libby