english literature tips and tricks!!! year 12 but gcse students re also welcome :)

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ok so

1.any tips and tricks to share 

2. critical essay writing techniques

3. choosing coursework topics

my board is WJEC

Tess of the D'Urbervilles and atonement are the texts

Carol ann duff and sheenagh pugh are the poems

also WIDER READING ideas would be appreciated

Posted: 11-10-12 21:56 by little ms unknown


I'm not a 'gini' or however u spell that word, but the sixth formers I know and see (everday that is) usually read and reread the text lots and lot and lot and.............(u get my point...)

Yeah, so another thing, u are very lucky coz literature 'nd english 4 that matter usually don't have a specific correct or incorrect answer; it's more about the way u giv ur point and back it up. If u can, u culd learn some quotes 4 ur exam and use it to back up your points.Dat way, u might get higher marks.

Always read under the lines..(look 4 a differnt view) out of another window.Sorry 2 soun lyk a bossy teacher but seriously, reading under the lines is something u shuld nver miss....guess u knew dat already..right?

Mmmmm....what else...(U know sometymes u hav something in da back of ur head and then it escapes?...Dats wats happening 2 me now.  SOZ)

Really sorry if i hav'nt answerd ur question but I kinda hate 2 see unanswered qns on dis site so I giv wat I hav and I'll keep a look out 4 any other tips then I'll get back 2 u...

Hope I've helped. 

Posted: 18-10-12 04:20 by Aneesa

im doing literature too.. so confused too writing a unknown scene for the starting of pat barker regeneration... maybe go over all the stufff you did in year 11 and lower such as complex senteneces and the rest may help... wider reading also do background information

Posted: 05-11-12 10:21 by sharaan

all you need to do is relax revise like you normally would do and dont make anything seem harder than it is and if is ideas your after then just take your whole body into an imageary world whch you create by your self

Posted: 05-11-12 20:36 by Hasan Ali

allways start your sentances in an intresting way so with a similie,metaphor and all of that instead of I also use long and short sentances that will boost your grade 

Posted: 05-11-12 20:50 by paulina

hey guyz im new to this website help please on how to access it!!!!

Posted: 05-11-12 20:51 by sara khan majles