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Hey got an english language exam(gcse) in a few days, and im finding it so hard to find ways to revise. How do you even do it?

Posted: 27-05-12 18:28 by aliceturner

There are 2 sections in this exam Section A & Section B. Section A you should spend 1 hour & 15 minutes. Whereas in Section B you should only spend 1 hour on it. 

Section A (4 questions)

.Information Retrieval-15 minutes

. Presentation-15 minutes

.Inference-15 minutes

.Language & Comparison-30 minutes 

Section B (2 questions)

Short question-25 minutes

Longer question-35 minutes 

Revision Tips- Information Retrieval literally means Just getting the information as it is & not analyzing it in any way

For Presentation look out for things such as font,pictures,statistics etc.DON'T read what's on the page, literally just do what they've asked you to

For Inference it's more about 'reading between the lines' & seeing if there's a hidden meaning behind it

For the language & Comparison they'll give you a named article & toy must compare what it's like to another article 

Make sure you do plans for Section B, it'll help you organize your work & it'll give a good impression of you to the examiner 

I've also done a powerpoint presentation with lots of tips & questions


Good Luck with your exam & let me know if you need anything else :D 

Posted: 28-05-12 18:01 by Beanie96