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I am doing AS English language and Literature.

(If anyone is studying Enduring Love) Can anyone assist me with ways in which I can critically analyse how stylistic techniques and representations of speech are used in chapters of a novel?

any advise on planning too

Posted: 15-04-11 14:10 by Michael Obuya

You must be already familiar with Joe's scientific narration, that at times could annoy readers.

Chapter 9 (written in third person), 11 (Parry's first letter), 13 (Joe's visit to the Logan's, where I find that he did not use scientific narration but rather, emotions), 16 (Parry's 2nd letter), 19 (the event of the shooting where I find everything is very detailed), 23 (Clarissa's letter), 24 (the first paragraph is similar to chapter one. In other words, going back to the beginning.)

These chapters are I think, the most significant chapters. You could say Parry's letter are always so cliche, full of words to describe love, as well as very religious. Also, he tries to connect to Joe by using SOME scientific words. Clarissa's point of view is given to make the readers doubt Joe's narration, whether we could trust everything he says. Chapter 19 McEwan used a lot of narrative hooks such as "it was as if there was a single topic - and an hour later there would be." (pg. 162) and "Would I remember the conversation now if I did not know what it preceded?" (pg. 163). It was also very detailed, so it gave the impression that everything moves in slow motion.

What do you mean by planning? Is it in terms of revision?

I hope that helped!

Posted: 20-04-11 12:46 by Hanis94