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why are there 16 marks on language techniques when the examiners do not even put in any language techniques to write about. happened in my january 2013 exam in which i got a mark from a c and i failed even though i am predicted an A!!!!

Posted: 16-04-13 17:36 by Ilsa Nazish

it's a really late reply, so sorry about that..

language topics can be a wide range  of things.. this includes..

1) is it written in first person, second person, third person

2) depending on the audience, does it use simple easy vocabulary or sophisticated complex vocabulary

3) are there lots of short sentences or long sentences/ long or short paragraphs and then talk about the effect it has

4) does the article use facts and figures

5) does article use dialects

5) does article use a wide range of punctuations such as exclamation marks, quesiton marks, semi-colon what effect does that have

6) figurative /descriptive language such as metaphors, similies, 

7) Any form of exaggeration, irony, sarcasm

The list goes one, but these are just some language devices they expect you to look at, and also write about the effect it has on the reader. I did the January paper also, and i can gurantee there are language devices, sometimes you have to look carefully and deep into, sometimes you don't. If you just talk about 4 -5 language devices in detail that should be fine.

Sorry again for the late reply, and good luck !

Posted: 09-06-13 20:49 by ? Secret - Team GR