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I really some revision techniques on both poetry and media! I've done exam question but i dont think they help. Any revision tips would be helpful. 

Posted: 29-04-11 21:32 by rani

take a theme to the bunch of poems and put it in a spider diagrams then write all the poems you think relate to it and why , then compare some of these poems together

Posted: 30-04-11 15:12 by Lydia

I used one of these "paper fortune tellers" and inside i have information on poems and how to answer exam questions. I have made three... one on media, one on poems, and another on the inform describe explain, etc,etc...

(http://www.things-to-make-and-do.co.uk/paper-and-card-projects/cootie-free-craft-project/cootie-free-craft-project-main.jpg) I have found this has really helped me. I made it colourful on the inside to help me remember things.

BTW: this picture was from the internet

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Posted: 01-05-11 16:03 by Sophie

thats a well good idea , so was the info inside like a question so you had to think about it or just info you had to expand on ??


Posted: 01-05-11 16:25 by Lydia

Basically i numbered them 1-8 (as you do) and in one of them i had one flap/triangle dedicated to one of the poems from cluster 1. There are 8 poems in cluster 1.


This is a really good resource i found on the internet. I used these notes to put inside my "paper fortune teller". This resource is a presentation and each poem has 3 slides of information. The 1st slide about the poem and mood etc. the 2nd slide about the themes of the poems and what poems are best to compare it with, and the 3rd slide is quotes. I didnt use the 3rd slide because in the exam we get given the poems.

My media "paper fortune teller" had question on top and answers at the bottom. And the one i made for inform, describe, explain, persuade, advise, and argue i just had some notes on how to best answer them

:D i was fun making them. LOL! x

Posted: 01-05-11 16:39 by Sophie

BTW: it is best to do with A3 paper :)

Posted: 01-05-11 16:49 by Sophie

Thank you very much! the ideas you have gave me have prove to be useful 

Posted: 01-05-11 22:47 by rani

He he you're welcome mate :) **

Posted: 02-05-11 08:40 by Sophie