Enduring Love essay

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Hello, can anyone give me a well structured essay of Enduring Love? Thank you very much 

Posted Thu 5th April, 2012 @ 22:35 by 'yvonne123

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I cant exactly produce a well structured essay right here but if i were to go about in accordance to the AQA syllabus, id take a good focus on the mark scheme. So you want to get your A01, A02, A03 and A04 

When i did the exam i had an introduction, followed by a paragraph on a form used in the particular chapter asked e.g the epistemological form and then go onto say the authorial purpose of this, explore through quotes and the affect of this etc
The second paragraph would be my language paragraph, where you'd talk about McEwans use of language thorugh qoutations etc
And finally a paragraph on structure and its affect
Followed by a conclusion

Hope that helps! 

Answered Sun 29th April, 2012 @ 15:39 by Anjelah