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Who's got fabulous notes on abnormality????? ;)

Posted: 13-11-12 17:24 by Nai'Lah

NOT ME :P lol

Posted: 13-11-12 17:31 by Waqar Khanny :)

lmao im not dependant on you < got the jist u wont have any ;)

Posted: 13-11-12 17:33 by Nai'Lah

hmmmm.....ur not??? LOL XDD

u did??? LOL XDD haha

Posted: 13-11-12 17:34 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol well no cos earlier on you said you aint got a clue :P

Posted: 13-11-12 17:35 by Nai'Lah

lool yeah...i did dint i...i frgt LOL XDD

sooooo wat yr u in??

Posted: 13-11-12 17:37 by Waqar Khanny :)

year 12 u? (lol talking about memory loss)

Posted: 13-11-12 17:38 by Nai'Lah

lol XDD

yahhh same....;P im pretty sure bout it XDD

Posted: 13-11-12 17:40 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol wohoo! lol be worried

Posted: 13-11-12 17:42 by Nai'Lah


yaaah i shud innit....LOOL im not tho XDD haha

Posted: 13-11-12 17:49 by Waqar Khanny :)


Posted: 14-11-12 18:25 by Nai'Lah


soooo where u frm....?? :P

Posted: 14-11-12 18:37 by Waqar Khanny :)

Essex! you? xD

Posted: 14-11-12 18:38 by Nai'Lah


Posted: 14-11-12 18:42 by Waqar Khanny :)

wow aint even going to bother asking how far that is lmao x

Posted: 14-11-12 18:43 by Nai'Lah

loool not dahh far XDD lol

sooo howz essex? :P

Posted: 14-11-12 18:46 by Waqar Khanny :)

Essex is filled with fakies ;) im not one of them lol aint bradford that place where they based that program on :P lol 

Posted: 14-11-12 18:49 by Nai'Lah

lool...make bradford british?? haha lol XDD

yeah same here...wanna be slags..gangstaz nd mangiez LMFAO

Posted: 14-11-12 18:50 by Waqar Khanny :)

yeaaah THAT PROGRAM! lool loved it! not on anymore :( would have seen you :( lmao 

Posted: 14-11-12 18:52 by Nai'Lah

haha..lol it waz ayt not all dahhh tbh XDD lool nahh u probz wunt hav XP lool haha

Posted: 14-11-12 18:54 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol make khanny british! 

Posted: 14-11-12 18:55 by Nai'Lah

haha lol XDD i tink khannyz really british alreadiii haha XDD

Posted: 14-11-12 18:57 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol thats what they all say ;)

Posted: 14-11-12 18:59 by Nai'Lah

haha...i am lool kinda XD lmao

u ****???

Posted: 14-11-12 19:01 by Waqar Khanny :)

no eww lol no offence im a full bangalulu (bengali) lol

Posted: 14-11-12 19:03 by Nai'Lah