THE MOST embarrassing thing you have ever done?

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Just wondering, what is the  most embarrassing thing you have ever done? I think I have done lots- all of which are too embarrassing to tell and which should be kept hidden......

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Posted: 25-07-12 17:18 by Ktln

I've done lots of things, when i was in primary school i called my dinner lady mum, by accident, also in a shop i walked up to someone who I thought was my mum, turned out she wasn't XD

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Posted: 25-07-12 17:44 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

And I thought I was the only one who did that! I once.... ooops! these stories-they're just way too embarrassing!

Posted: 25-07-12 17:48 by Ktln

dunno... I tend to banish said occurrences from my mind... I don't really remember any :L 

Posted: 25-07-12 17:49 by Neon

I felt like such an idiot, I felt like I wanted to hide forever after that.

Posted: 25-07-12 19:37 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I once tried so hard to do a poo I gave myself a nose bleed and then passed out for 2 hours. Beat that!

Posted: 25-07-12 22:36 by Blitzcrank

lol.. dont even wanna say mine.. lol.. u find that funny , I called my teacher grandma once by accident.. the whole class was laughing and my face... BRIGHT RED .. and once i had a  bath , went downstairs and intended on going back to comb my hair. I walked in, and was in a mood so i was shouting about something and when im about to walk out the door DANG! there are visitors sitting there watching me .. 

Posted: 25-07-12 23:20 by SciTech

Blitzcrank wrote:

I once tried so hard to do a poo I gave myself a nose bleed and then passed out for 2 hours. Beat that!

XD lol XD ahh, you crack me up :')

Posted: 26-07-12 18:50 by Neon

yup inferno.. something YOU cant do .. crack peeps up! lol.. dat cracked ME up

Posted: 26-07-12 18:54 by SciTech

yeah, sadly I'm not a very funny person, I blame the situation I'm currently in that I've sworn not to tell anyone about, hard to act 100% of the time I guess :)

Posted: 26-07-12 18:59 by Neon

you can say that again, in like every convo you've tried 2 make a joke outta things... and it dnt suite u!

Posted: 26-07-12 19:00 by SciTech

okay, one thing you should know about me- I don't give a damn about what suits me :) see, I don't mind about people's opinions of me, and because of that, I do what I want to do :)

Posted: 26-07-12 19:06 by Neon

thats good for you... weird but if thats what you go by.. guess your gnna have haters for da restg of your life... now if youll excuse me , ive got better things to do than correct you all day!

Posted: 26-07-12 19:08 by SciTech

good choice, because there'd be a lot of corrections, and I wouldn't listen to any of them :L I may never have been in a relationship, and may never be in one in the future, I might not have many friends, but I am who I am, I could try to be a different person, but why bother? I'd rather me miserable as me, than happy as someone else 

Posted: 26-07-12 19:12 by Neon

inferno wrote:

Blitzcrank wrote:

I once tried so hard to do a poo I gave myself a nose bleed and then passed out for 2 hours. Beat that!

XD lol XD ahh, you crack me up :')

lool BlitzCrank xDDD xxxx 

Posted: 26-07-12 19:13 by priya777

lol.. k dat was an essay.. but ur right!

Posted: 26-07-12 19:13 by SciTech

lol, you think that's an essay? I did once write a short essay on GR, about the motions of the heart and blood :L

Posted: 26-07-12 19:22 by Neon

lol!!!! k .. maybe its not exacly an essay , my english teacher says she falls asleep when shes marking mine .... i wonder if its because it THAT boring , or because its too long... im thinking a bit of both .. lol

Posted: 26-07-12 19:28 by SciTech

I once wrote a two page essay on the pros and cons of orange juice XD beat THAT for boringness! :P

Posted: 26-07-12 19:36 by Neon

loooool!! xDD  

Posted: 26-07-12 19:37 by priya777

I was SO BORED though :P

Posted: 26-07-12 19:42 by Neon

k.. thats funny. You could have chosen something more fun to do it on! lol! ill never understand u inferno!

Posted: 26-07-12 19:47 by SciTech

Okay...... any more embarrassing stories? I'm all ears!

Posted: 26-07-12 22:46 by Ktln

lol scitech, no one understands me XD

Posted: 27-07-12 17:19 by Neon

Once i was sitting in this really super mega hot teacher's class as i had a free period, nothing better to do than dribble over his gorgeous looks, and I was doing some french work and he glanced over an had a look at someone elses work from the geog lesson and he said 'excellent, very good stuff, well done' and i thought he was talking to me so i just started saying 'oh thank you very much' and blushing, and i proceeding to explain my work to him... until the whole class started laughing and i realised he wasn't talking to me..... lol that was tooo funny hehe XD

Posted: 29-07-12 01:36 by Re-Re