Embarassing moments

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no da person who made it can delete it 

Posted: 30-03-12 16:39 by aliimz

nope! the convo about dat girl saying shw was bleeding hint hint

Posted: 04-04-12 14:11 by aliimz

aliimz wrote:

nope! the convo about dat girl saying shw was bleeding hint hint

 k wat a wierdo, y wud u say dt soo every1 cn see

gd people nwadayz!!!

Posted: 04-04-12 17:53 by Sabah x

i know right

Posted: 04-04-12 19:08 by aliimz

lol =)

Posted: 04-04-12 19:12 by Sabah x

;0 wink

Posted: 04-04-12 20:40 by aliimz

lol (again)

Posted: 04-04-12 21:17 by Sabah x

arghhh! those pop up adverts are soo annoying! -.-

Posted: 05-04-12 01:33 by Rayanne :)


Posted: 05-04-12 15:24 by Sabah x

hmm... wot adverts do we have today???

Membership to the national trust

Science lab show

...which to agree to....?

lol :)

Posted: 06-04-12 19:55 by Leah

LOL u guys are mental.......in a good way.....

My embarassing momennt is when i was reading to the class and i got my words muddled up and it turned out racist....:s

Posted: 07-04-12 16:12 by Prabhi xx


Posted: 07-04-12 18:52 by aliimz

i come back after all these days n where has this convo got to? im so confused :/

Posted: 08-04-12 12:50 by M

ok lets start frsh

embarassing moments: oh ur waiting at the bus stop and its proper windy and ur skirt flies up


Posted: 08-04-12 19:47 by aliimz

sum ppl wud like that :P

Posted: 11-04-12 12:09 by M


Posted: 11-04-12 12:53 by aliimz

Well my embarassing moment was when my english teacher told all of us to do reading all the way throughout the lesson (by the way= i was up till midnight making a castle for my history project so i was soooo tried!). Anyway im already half tired and he plays calm classical music in the background while we do 1 hour reading of a book in silence. So i naturally just went "stuff it im goin to sleep" and i kept my book up so the teacher couldn't see me and then i started sleeping. After like half an hour my friend saw me sleeping and took a picture of me and put it on face book (wasnt really funny coz i got lots of weird replies lol). After that every1 including the teacher starts hearing some snoring in the classroom  and every1 is looking around except me lol......

Then they realised it was me snoring (lol joke wasnt really snoring just breathing in deeply ^_^). I was quite embarassed but anyway i couldn't read a book in that type of atmosphere without goin to sleep lol



Posted: 12-04-12 15:43 by Braniac

OMG!!! This is hilarious.... im trying not to LOL in the library :P

Ryhima-Laila Jadoon wrote:

okay i am officially confused... nyways i have a new embarrassing moment! :) well umm last week i went to a school council meeting where it was me (head of school council) head boy and head girl and the headmistress  im in year 10 so i was the youngest there... well firstly i turned up late because i had to give a message to a teacher from one side of the school to the other.. then halfway through the meeting my phone starts to ring.. my ringtone is Niggas in Paris..the explicit version! omg it was so bad because jay -z is sing mo-fo want to find me and the headmistress looks at me and i was like can i please take this..(it was after school so i was aloud to answer my phone) i answer it without even looking at who it is and its my friend and shes like crazy and shes basically screaming down the phone and im trying to have a conversation with her but shes so excited for some reason then all i can her is some other people cussing and all sorts . i got the biggest dirty from my headmistress .... so embarrassing  and all my friend is screaming 'I need the toilet!' which i replied to as go then ! turned it off and she rings again i just had to take my battery out cus i know she will keep ringing...

Posted: 17-04-12 12:14 by Fyzah :p

lol Fyzah ur back!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 17-04-12 12:17 by aliimz

Hi Allimz... haven't spoken to you in ages!!!

How ya been gurl :P

Posted: 17-04-12 12:25 by Fyzah :p

fine, ive got 2 revise though 4 21 exms

Posted: 17-04-12 17:26 by aliimz


I have 7 and i think i'm being stretched!!

Good luck Allimz.... Inshallah you'll pass ^_^

Posted: 18-04-12 09:30 by Fyzah :p

7? I have 6 and im practically dying! :(

the embarrassing moment your allergic to your mums bedroom! :O

Posted: 18-04-12 10:01 by Rayanne :)


lol what are you allergic to in your mum's bedroom??

BTW, what's that cute animal in your picture??

Posted: 18-04-12 10:11 by Fyzah :p

its a bearded dragon ;D shes mah baby.

and i think her bed.

but im not sure :S :P

Posted: 18-04-12 11:33 by Rayanne :)