Embarassing moments

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ohh yeah i can see each layer of flab clearly....ooh lookin goooood

Posted: 25-03-12 21:59 by M

even da large one

Posted: 25-03-12 22:02 by aliimz

what are bingo wings??

I hope i dont have them :P

lol xD

anyway gurls.... how life so high in the sky sigh ((aren't i just the most poetic person you've ever met :P))

Posted: 26-03-12 11:53 by Fyzah :p

very poetic

Posted: 26-03-12 13:04 by aliimz

please :3

you're making me blush :P

Posted: 26-03-12 13:13 by Fyzah :p

oh god ur turning as red as ur hair

oh no ur burning shes coming down wid a fever agents M take her 2 da hospital

Posted: 26-03-12 18:02 by aliimz

hahahaa, im doin okay mummy and daddy...lool (coz that doesnt sound demented lmao)

Posted: 26-03-12 18:37 by M

lol ((my shoes are squeeking :P.... people keep staring at me -_- :P)) <-- randomness 0_o

i always blush ((.... i have light skin :P)) do you??

Posted: 27-03-12 11:31 by Fyzah :p

this one time at band camp.. i shuved a flute up my *****

Posted: 27-03-12 14:43 by Rachel Wisniewski

Rachel Wisniewski wrote:

this one time at band camp.. i shuved a flute up my *****

Posted: 27-03-12 14:44 by Fernando the Ladybug

Rachel Wisniewski wrote:

this one time at band camp.. i shuved a flute up my *****

oh my days :/ cuz thats normal(!)

Posted: 27-03-12 15:37 by M

oh god 2day ppl r mad

Rachel r u horny

wait shudnt hv said that

Posted: 27-03-12 20:03 by aliimz

Bitching about teacher when standing behind me "wince"

Posted: 27-03-12 20:49 by R_Hall


Posted: 28-03-12 09:11 by Edward Cullen

i was walking in town when hear a shout from behind me a man's voice saying 'Oi!' i turned around to my amazement it was a female and second shes a police women and third shes running at me at full speed i **** myself and jumped to my right into the wall (it was like a rugby jump) and turns out she was chasing the man infront of me :L it was so embarrasing cus there were so many cute boys standing around although one did help me up ;)

Posted: 28-03-12 09:19 by Ryhima-Laila Jadoon

lolololol Rhyima you made me LOL in the library :P

Posted: 28-03-12 09:54 by Fyzah :p

embarrassing moment soneone asks why it hurts when they poo :S wth! :P

Posted: 28-03-12 15:09 by Rayanne :)

Rayanne is so right sat person is socially awkward

Posted: 28-03-12 15:30 by aliimz

im socially awkward as a general but thats taking it tooo far :P ahaha x

Posted: 28-03-12 17:50 by Rayanne :)

Hmm... i missed fun disscusions :)

Posted: 28-03-12 18:46 by Leah

Rayanne i wasnt calling u socially awkward, iwas calling dat other gurl who was talking about da poo

Posted: 28-03-12 20:53 by aliimz

Oh, yeah i no :)

Bit wierd (is that how u spell it?)


Posted: 29-03-12 17:23 by Leah

has it been deleted? :S (the conversation)

Posted: 29-03-12 18:18 by Rayanne :)

im glad it was a stupid discussion

Posted: 29-03-12 19:57 by aliimz

hah :P true. who deletes conversations? does it have to be like the getrevising people?

Posted: 30-03-12 15:33 by Rayanne :)