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Can anyone help me explain the whole topic on electrolysis please? i dont get a single thing and i am doing IGCSE CAMBRIDGE TRIPLE SCIECNE :/

Posted: 02-12-12 14:44 by Dolly James

I dont think this is the same board as you want but it might help all the same with the basic principle!


Its a really good website for chemistry.

Hope it helps!

Posted: 02-12-12 15:45 by Sophie

how good is this website for GCSE chemistry?

Posted: 02-12-12 16:37 by Eamon Walker

I think it is aimed at Alevel but it covers some GCSE stuff. I find it explains concepts simply so its worth looking at!

Posted: 02-12-12 16:47 by Sophie

okay, do you know of a good website that specialises in GCSE AQA chemistry revision?

Posted: 02-12-12 16:49 by Eamon Walker

no sorry!

Posted: 02-12-12 17:28 by Sophie

Thank you so much Sophie :) that was helpful... 

Posted: 02-12-12 17:42 by Dolly James