Electrical circuits

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Can someone please give me information about this topic because i have no idea about it!

I get really confused and i do not understand how it works..:D

Like if anyone do not mind like any facts or any presentation that will help because i have a feeling that i will not do great in that section of the exam


Posted: 27-12-09 15:07 by Tania


I can also get really confused on this topic, but I am planning on uploading some revision cards on Physics and Electrical Circuits will be one of them...yey! :D You need to know the different symbols of an electric cirucit. You need to know: switch (open), switch (closed), cell, battery, diode, resistor, variable resistor, lamp, fuse, voltmeter, ammeter, thermistor, LDR. These should be in your textbook, if not search the internet. You also need to know about current and resistance. You also need to know about potential difference and components when connected in series or in parallel. This is basically everything from the success criteria and specification which the exam board expect us to know. I am planning on making a set of revision cards or a powerpoint maybe on this topic in a few days, so when I do I will post another reply on this topic. For now I suggest you try to look at those symbols which will be ahrd to learn. Also learn what each of the symbols does i.e. their affect on the circuit.

Wow, this reply is long :D so yeah, just keep an eye on my resources and I will be posting one soon. I will also post a message on here when they are complete.

Posted: 27-12-09 16:16 by I P B

Ooo sounds great and thanks and dw..lol it aint that long i have seen even much more longer emails lool

but yeah thanks anyway..look like we got one thing in common (what we find confusing about) lool :)

Posted: 27-12-09 16:40 by Tania

true XD right now i am doing cards on velocity acceleration and speed (im trying to do cards for each section) but i will work my way to electricity :D

Posted: 27-12-09 16:45 by I P B


Yeah, electricity isnt exactly one of the most exciting or easy topics in physics lol, im struggling asl, but what you have in P2 is quite easy once you understand it (which basically everything in science is lol), as IPB is uploading some notes, i'll just go over the basics for you

Think of a circuit like a road, and on the road, there are some cars, these cars are the electrons flowing around the circuit. This flow of electrons is called the current. But, these electron cars need a force to push them, this force is coming from the batteries in the circuit, which is called the voltage. On the road on which the cars are driving on, there is friction, which is slowing the cars down, in a circuit, the force that slows the electrons down is called the resistance.

i hope that doesnt confuse you lol, but that how i think of a circuit. hope it helps :D

Posted: 27-12-09 16:54 by RATM33

Lool well good luck with that if you want i can help you and find some web links to publish!!!

Posted: 27-12-09 16:54 by Tania

Well i have just looked at the textbook and am like wha...? so think i may abandon the acceleration stuff and move on to a topic i do understand ,so i think i may do Static Electricity, then Current electricity, then mains electricity, if i manage to finsih them tonight XD which bit is it you dont understand? or is it all of them like me XD

Posted: 27-12-09 16:57 by I P B


Thanks alot that does make it clear for me thanksyou!! :)

Posted: 27-12-09 16:59 by Tania


Thanks alot that does make it clear for me thanksyou!! :)

Posted: 27-12-09 16:59 by Tania

Thanks for that definition RATM33, that helps a lot actually! :D

Posted: 27-12-09 17:00 by I P B

try this website, it might help - http://gcserevision101.wordpress.com/physics/

Posted: 27-12-09 17:00 by RATM33

omg omg.....thankyou sooo soooo much this is so gonna help!!1

your a star!!!!


i hope this will help me with my exams whihc are coming up on january!!!!

btw do you guys have any exams coming up?

Posted: 27-12-09 17:07 by Tania

yep, i have 3 science exams :( and ive just started revising like 2 weeks ago because i had stupid maths and french mocks lol

Posted: 27-12-09 17:10 by RATM33

Lool i have been having mocks for the past 2 weeks....and i am dying!!!!!!!

mocks for all my subjects

well anyway good luck to your exams well good luck to both you and hope you guys do well

and thanks for the help!!.:)

Posted: 27-12-09 17:12 by Tania

lol thnks, you too :)

Posted: 27-12-09 17:15 by RATM33

i think this will help as well.


Posted: 27-12-09 17:18 by Tania

wow, thats alot of symbols lol

just remember to learn the basics completely before learning extra infomation, use the syllabus to help you learn everything you need to know

Posted: 27-12-09 17:46 by RATM33

Yeah i know...:) hehe

Posted: 27-12-09 18:04 by Tania

Have u lot got the CGP Physics Revision Guide because it's really good on this topic?

I could scan it and upload it as a PDF if you like??

Posted: 27-12-09 18:46 by Nadeem P

erm no, but i got other that would help me with that topic

i do not mind if you want to scan and send..thats if you do not mind..:)


Posted: 27-12-09 19:19 by Tania

This is in reply to Nadeem:

If you dont mind, that would great, thanks! ;D This is a really hard topic so any help is really appreciated

Posted: 28-12-09 09:47 by I P B

Yeah i will agree lol

Posted: 28-12-09 11:41 by Tania

i have finished my cards on static electricity, which is the first of three parts to the electricity set i am planning to do:


there is current electricity (circuits) and Mains electricity left to do for this part

i hope this set so far is ok :D

Posted: 28-12-09 19:23 by I P B

Sorry, the scan from the textbook is too large a file to upload

But I seriously do recommend buying the full revision guide -- CGP AQA Physics :))

Posted: 29-12-09 14:44 by Nadeem P

Thats ok Nadeem, thanks for trying!

Everyone, Ihave finished the Mains electricity stuff, here are the revision cards: http://getrevising.co.uk/resources/p2_mains_electricity and the n there is adocument of ti too with diagrams which i cant put on the cards http://getrevising.co.uk/resources/p2_mains_electricity1

I hope these are ok :D I now am goign to try and do the Current electricity (circuits and stuff)

Posted: 29-12-09 16:44 by I P B