Edexcel Password Protecting Resources...Good Idea?

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I was wanting to get some past papers, which on edexcel was easy to do but when it came down to marking it they had password protected there .pdf's. Compared to the other exam boards this is the most strict as AQA, OCR etc etc let you download materials for free and with little fuss. 

The way i got round this was I had to go into school to get a teacher to log in for me and print it off.

This has now led me onto the discussion, "Do You Think Its Right That Edexcel Password Protect Their Resources?"

Posted: 17-05-11 16:59 by Richard Francis

No I dont think its right!! It gets really annoying- I have to always go to my teachers to get papers printed off cos most of my exams are edexcel!

Posted: 17-05-11 17:06 by Hannah

If it is edexcel papers that you are looking for the following websites have both the tests and the mark schemes on:




Hope that helped :)!

Posted: 07-06-11 20:17 by Alice Deane

Absolutely not! It so ridiculous, why would you not want to make past papers easily accesible to students?! We actually had a discussion about this in school tday with my teacher and she was saying how Edexcel as an exam board is basically in it for a money- there marking papers sooo strictly cos with bad marks comes remarking (money) and maybe a resit (even more money), as you can see i really hate them as an exam board though i have like 6 exams with them but ive has bad experiences in the past like when my friends and I all got really bad i geo this jan though we revised our socks off :@ hope this helps ;)

Posted: 07-06-11 20:39 by Lamise Hassan

I wanted past papers for maths but I coudn't get any the only way I can is ask my teacher for them, luckily she gives us past papers for homework quite a lot. But for my science exams which are with WJEC I couldn't get hold of any, so I had to ask the head of science to put a link up on the school website.

Posted: 10-04-12 17:05 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Stupid idea, and is really discouraging. I would like to highlight how Edexcel are NOT the only exam board who do this, but in fact AQA could also be found guilty of password protecting their resources. I don't understand the purpose of that especially when exam weeks approach and reviewing past papers is what most students want to do. 

Posted: 10-04-12 17:58 by Farah