Edexcel Maths.. How was it??

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How did people find that non calc maths paper???

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Posted: 11-06-12 16:31 by Muzz :P

Hi all. I'm one of the moderators here on GetRevising. I hope you're all finding the site to be useful and that the exam season is going well for you. However, I have to post here to make an important announcement.

You may not be aware of this, but Edexcel exams are taken across the world. This means that people in one country might have finished an exam that hasn't even started somewhere else. In order to make the exams as fair as possible (and to discourage cheating), I'm therefore going to have to lock this thread (and have edited some of the initial post) before any sensitive details can be posted, that those who haven't yet taken this exam might gain an unfair benefit from.

You'll be welcome to resume discussion of the exam after midnight tomorrow (UK time), at which point everyone should have completed the exam. Again, I hope that this went well for all those of you taking it!

Posted: 11-06-12 16:36 by Emma (admin)