Edexcel M1 - January 2013

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How did everyone find the exam today - what were your strong points and weak points?

Posted: 23-01-13 19:33 by Sophie :o)

That 8^(2x + 5) = 2^y question was a *****.

I know I dropped 2 or 3 marks (I wrote n=19 when it was 17, and dropped 1 or 2 marks on the aforementioned question, depending on the mark scheme). If I am lucky, I'll be getting 72/75 which, considering how hard that paper was, is going to be 98%+

That paper was harder than any past paper, I think it's possible an A will be as low as 58 or even 57.

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Posted: 24-01-13 19:25 by Sam Keene