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have had variou teachers this year and basically learnt nothing!!

anyone know the basics that we need to know for the exam?

help.. please:)

Posted: 28-04-11 20:53 by Jas

Best to look at past papers on the edexcel website. Or if you have a book...look through some of it to get an idea of what the exam will include.

When you know what the exam includes... click on here http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/rs/ to learn about whichever topic you need.

Good luck **

Posted: 29-04-11 11:14 by Sophie

aww thankyou! did you have the exam today too? was actually not that bad! citizenship next.. yay haha.. good luck with your exams too!**

Posted: 17-05-11 19:28 by Jas

You need the keywords for each of them e.g. cirme and punishment. You need to know the bare basics to get a C go on the exam board website and look at the specification, there's also a past paper if you google it. I've got all the keywords so message me if you need them. It's all confusing now, but the paper is mainly based on your opinion if you have enough comman sense it should go well. Good luck i've got that exam on monday x

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Posted: 18-05-11 16:36 by Anon

Heyya, Im on ededcel, and the topics you need to learn are: Rights and Responsibilites, Environmental and Medical Issues, Peace and Conflict, and Crime and Punishment.

Tips: learn all the key words, they always ask you in each topic. Know arguments for and against each topic. You need to know about Christianity and one other religion for each topic as they will ask you.

I have made the Rights and Responsibilites notes and the key words :) I will try to put the others up soon!

Good luck for the exam on monday! :)

Posted: 20-05-11 12:35 by Kavita :)