Edexcel Biology Unit - 4 QUADRATS

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How do we study an ecosystem using quadrats?

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Posted: 30-04-12 04:24 by Shiva

Depending on which quadrat it is, you can kind of work out the abundance of a specific species?..

They dont rally ask us any Questions on the use of them..

Posted: 30-04-12 10:59 by Lalloo19

But isnt there a whole experiment based on quadrats??
Or it that for unit 6..Im a bit confused, because im only asking for unit 4..I am not appearing for unit 6.

Posted: 04-05-12 17:44 by Shiva

Quadrant Sampling is a technique used to study a large area. The quadrant is selected and the species is counted in the quadrant. Its easier to study a small uniform area rather then studying the whole large area... Quadrant sampling is one way to estimate the distribution of different populations of species in an ecosystem.  Studying the sample is called quadrant analysis.

Posted: 06-05-12 09:46 by Silver Girly