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does anyone have any tips/ hints about what the main topics the main essays questions could be based on?

Posted: 20-01-13 15:13 by Joshua Rawlings

In unit 3 anything can come up for section b so predictions are useless. Just focus on exam technique and go over mark schemes

Posted: 20-01-13 19:46 by .

Could you give me an example of the prisoners dilema pay off matrix 

Posted: 21-01-13 14:19 by Joshua Rawlings

I am almost certain there is going to be a question on Oligopolies, monopolies or perfect competition..

That is the best prediciton i can give.

Posted: 21-01-13 17:36 by Nikorasu

according to examiners perfect/monopolistic competition can never come up as one of the big mark essay q's (12,14,16) because there isn't enough scope to ask about it in detail. There apparently isn't enough data also to form extracts about P/Monopolistic competiion.

Posted: 21-01-13 18:31 by .