Early start on Revision-Unit 2 Edexel- Help!!!!

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I am attempting to learn from my earlier mishaps when i left my revison down to the christmas holidays, i still think its a miracle that i still coped. Anyway, i am starting my revison for Unit 2 Governing the U.K Edexel and i need some precious advice from you politics students.

Literally, how do i revise? For my Unit 1 Exam this is what i done: I read each mini topic and highlighted from my book, i then produced mindmaps but not really using my own words. I concluded that this is a waste of time so i need other revison tips?

I want advice on weather this will work: read through every mini topic, highlight, and then produce my own notes in my own words, is this more likely to work??

Posted: 28-02-12 14:29 by jonaid

your ideas will work, i personally like reading notes, making posters, try teaching people about it, make powerpoints etc. i have laods of resources for unit 2 as i am studying that now :)

Posted: 29-02-12 17:26 by Gabby Tracey