Dynamic Equilibrium

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Can anyone help with this? My brain just doesn't understand!

Posted: 03-03-11 19:00 by Ruby R

heyy yeah suree :) dynamic equilibrium is just a fancy name which just means that a chemical reaction is stable, so in a reversible reaction, the forward reaction is the same as the backward reaction,

The forward and reverse reactions occur at the same time, and never stop.They are called dynamic reactions.

When its equal (at equilibrium), the concentrations of the reactants and products are constant (they dont change) , but are not necessarily equal.

Hope that helps, if you want more explaining feel free to ask :)

Posted: 08-03-11 21:33 by Kavita :)

dynamic equilibrium  means the forward reaction and the backward reaction is continues in both directions, when both reactions occur at the same rate  the concentrations remain constant and a chemical equilibrium has been established.

when a chemical equilibrium is established:

  • reactants and products are present at all times
  • the reaction is dynamic, i.e. it proceeds in both directions
  • the concentrations of reactants and products remain constant
Posted: 14-03-11 21:10 by poley

thanks :)

Posted: 27-04-11 14:47 by Ruby R