DT :'(

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There dosn't seem to be any discussions for DT...am I all alone. Who does DT out there? Lets talk some! :D



Posted: 18-05-11 18:25 by Mary

Hi Mary I am a candidate who unfortunately chose that subject

Would u mind telling me ur what exam board your getting tested by.

Posted: 19-05-11 20:25 by Nabil23


I'm doing AQA, seriously stressed because there is a LOT to learn. What about you? If your doing AQA it would be lovely if you could tell me how you're revising. :D



Posted: 21-05-11 08:51 by Mary

i do it but tbh i dont know what exam board im doing, im doing the one with mephis :S **

Posted: 23-05-11 17:05 by fi <3


Sorry as I may not be of assistance Mary I am studying with CEA (Very unpopular exam board).

However you can confirm what the exam topic is and I will see where we can go from there.

And by the way for coursework what Grade did you achieve.

Posted: 23-05-11 17:58 by Nabil23


I have never heard of CEA!! :D

Oh, my exam consists of two parts, one is the Preliminary material (about MP3 player) and the rest is DT in the workplace and school work shops!

Our teacher did not allow us to see our coursework grade, but I sneakily took a peek at the grade book... I believe it was an A*/A border line. What about you?

BTW my exam is tomorrow!!



Posted: 24-05-11 13:39 by Mary

Memphis is actually going to kill me :| I have solid coursework but my drawing skills are poor especially under pressure. Hopefully the theory will help me get that A* :)

Posted: 04-06-11 15:43 by Bhavik

what website do i go on to find work about memphis' '_'

helpp pleaaaaase !!!

Posted: 13-09-11 16:10 by shackeila


Posted: 15-06-12 16:51 by Blitzcrank