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y is cumulative freqency, , freq table, stem leaf diagram, standard diviation, interquatile range, decentile nd percentile, freq polygon used in a coursework, wat do they help yu to find

Posted: 25-01-11 21:24 by Thanu

as you get further into topic you may realise that
it can help compare data and help business's make decisions e.g.

A company wishes to make jackets for dogs. THey have been told that the mean length of a dog from the of the neck to the base of the tail,is 45 centimeteres. If they make all their jackets 45 centimetres long they will be too long for small dogs and too short for big dogs
The company needs to know how the lengths are spread about the mean.
Also all of these methods in statistics could them how much to vary the clothing and etc

hope this helps  

Posted: 28-01-11 20:11 by Devante

that example was taken from the s1 booklet for edexcel

Posted: 28-01-11 20:12 by Devante