Don't know how to revise? Don't worry, this quiz decides for you!

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Hi guys,

I was looking at a few revision sites and I came across an absolute gem at Revision Universe. They have created a quiz that decides which methods are most suited to you. This is done by simply answering 10 questions about your choices and preferences. It only takes about a minute and has caused some magnificent improvements in my studying and revising methods. I highly recommend that you take part in the quiz as well.

Click here to go to the quiz

Hope you enjoy it!

Posted: 24-08-13 19:27 by Joe Root > David Warner

Posted by Secret...

Thanks for this :)

Quite useful, although i wouldnt really rely on this as I dont feel it accurately tells me how I should revise especially because some of the questions I struggled to think which option best suits me (just my opinion)

Hope its useful to others though

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Posted: 29-08-13 21:23 by ? Secret - Team GR

I think as long as it isn't taken too seriously, this is very useful as a rough guide.

Posted: 23-09-13 22:30 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

Yeah, obviously this quiz is going to give you a definite result that you must stick to; but it really helps if you aren't sure on how to revise or which revision method is best for you.

Posted: 26-09-13 19:57 by Joe Root > David Warner

thanks. This is really useful as I often find it difficult to understand exactly how i learn best. I can never learn through taking notes. But this really helped me.

Posted: 09-10-13 14:08 by alisha_h