does anyone want help

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i have revision notes for an essay for macbeth a view from the bridge lord of flies and some others, if anyone wants them just post a reply and then ill post them

Posted: 18-04-11 21:15 by Sabrina


Could I have some help with Lord of The Flies?

Thanks :)

Posted: 21-04-11 16:58 by Rhanid

anything in particular andhave you read the book?

Posted: 21-04-11 16:58 by Sabrina

This essay question should give you ideas, i wrote it myself lol

What is the importance of Jack in Lord of Flies and how does Golding present him?


From the beginning of Lord of the Flies you can tell Jack is going to be an important character, this is by the way he presents himself and how he gets introduced into the story. ” A bunch of choirboys arrive marching in step- as if they are already a group of their own. They’re led by a confident boy called Jack.” Jack is one of the characters that stand out as soon as Golding introduces him; he is described as looking intense and determined.  He is “tall, thin and bony” but not particularly good-looking. His eyes suggest that he has a bad temper. From the beginning of the book he seems like a character that the reader should be wary of.

Jack’s uniform and manner make him seem threatening and he soon starts to pick on piggy, he calls him “Fatty” and tells him to shut up because he’s talking too much. This is the first encounter between the two where Golding makes it clear they’re not going to get on throughout the rest of the book.

Jack and Ralph work together to build the fire, but Jack snatches Piggy’s glasses to light it, this shows how Jack has no respect for Piggy hence him not even asking Piggy for his glasses.

“Jack snatched the glasses off Piggy’s face”  “My specs!” howled Piggy. “Give me my specs!”

Jack then becomes determined to kill a pig; he strips off his school uniform and only wears shorts and “a knife-belt”. His hair has grown longer and he carries a sharp stick. Ralph suggests the best thing they can do is get rescued. Jack agrees but says he wants to kill a pig first. Jack only seems to be focused on killing; he begins to behave like a hunter by looking for signs of pig tracks and sniffing the air. It’s almost as if the island is changing him?

Ralph looks at the fire and talks about ways to make it more efficient, Jack doesn’t listen. He points out places where he thinks the pigs are. He has an “opaque, mad look” in his eyes. Ralph realises that he doesn’t understand Jack. He is “bewildered” by the look on Jack’s face. He discovers that “people were never quite what you thought they were.”

It is at this point in the story where the reader begins to realise how much the island is changing Jack.

Jack paints a mask onto his face. He’s pleased with the effect it has. It turns him into an “awesome stranger” who could be capable of anything.

It was Jack’s job to look after the fire but because he was too busy hunting he let the fire go out therefore a ship sails past.  When Ralph has a go at Jack for letting the fire go out he responds to criticism with violence. He hits Piggy, breaking his glasses. This shows the reader that Piggy’s logical way of looking at things is about to become less important.

Jack apologises to Ralph and everyone else but I think this was to get the others back on HIS side. Jack distributes the meat and it helps him to take control. The others begin to respect him for it.


Posted: 21-04-11 17:02 by Sabrina

Aw, great. Thanks for this. Good stuff, but do you have anything about the themes in the book? (Yep, I've read it.) Thanks

Posted: 21-04-11 17:25 by Rhanid

tbh yeah i do but it's in my revision boook and i cba to type it up

just buy the revision book from whismith its 4.50 and it's really good

Posted: 21-04-11 17:27 by Sabrina

hi, im not really sure how to upload a word document on here.. could you explain to me how you do it?

Posted: 22-04-11 11:22 by Danie

i didn't upload it, i just copied and pasted it .... x

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What, a revision book just on Lord Of The Flies?

Posted: 22-04-11 18:03 by Rhanid

yeah its not that thick i say about 50 pages

but it's REALLY helpful

Posted: 23-04-11 10:54 by Sabrina

Ok, thanks. what is it called?

Posted: 25-04-11 16:50 by Rhanid

literally lord of the flies

Posted: 25-04-11 19:58 by Sabrina

Ha, alright. Thanks :)

Posted: 26-04-11 16:36 by Rhanid

you're welcome

Posted: 26-04-11 18:50 by Sabrina