Does anyone need help memorising their revision notes?

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I've come up with a system for efficiently and reliably memorising revision notes by combing 3 memory mnemonics in a strategic way. I've written a Kindle eBook explaining how it works. It's free today (Mar 28th) and will be free again for a day on Thursday 3rd April. I'm also happy to email a free PDF version of the book to anyone that requests it via the contact form on my website (I have an exclusivity deal with Amazon that prevents me from making it available for download on my site).

I will post a brief overview of how "The Silver String Technique" works here shortly.

Posted: 28-03-14 15:44 by bastywebb

I've actually just updated the product description on Amazon to include a brief but fairly complete explanation of how "The Silver String Technique" works. Check it out here:

Posted: 30-03-14 13:46 by bastywebb