Does anyone know the essay question(s) for unit 1 and unit 2 aqa a paper jan 2012

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Any ideas on what essay question(s) we might get in may 2012 for unit 1 and 2.

Posted: 06-04-12 15:59 by Rakhi Patel

My teacher reckons something to do with daycare will be the 12 marker for unit 1. (

Posted: 06-04-12 17:15 by Megan

i hope theyre not. im doind AQA A and we havent even covered that..

Posted: 07-04-12 16:55 by Rayanne :)

The unit 2 exam question woz to do with stress and it was the last topic of stress - i think it was stress management

Posted: 12-04-12 21:47 by Former Member