Does anyone know the best way to revise for GCSE spanish reading and listening?

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I just cannot think of any way either than learning lots of vocab!

Posted Thu 17th May, 2012 @ 17:57 by Mariya

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well I think you're kind of right; I'm only doing reading next week (I did my listening in Janurary) but all I do is learn vocab and do past papers, if you're doing aqa the go to there website as they have some past papers on there. One way I learn vocab is to translate webpages I'm on into spanish and try to pick out words I understand, then I translate them back into english to see what I got right.

Answered Fri 18th May, 2012 @ 16:11 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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All i can say is that you should learn the the subject vocab and do past papers. This is what i do and it works for me.

Answered Sat 19th May, 2012 @ 10:17 by Former Member
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 I don't know about websites, but for Spanish listening, definitely see if you can find any DVDs lying around which go into Spanish and just watch them with English subtitles. I did it for my French listening this week, and I think it helped me get a feel for the language. Also, it doesn't feel much like revision!

Answered Sat 19th May, 2012 @ 20:28 by Alex
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What I do is do loads of past papers, and then find the vocab or topic that I am not so good on. Then, I will make matching cards or minds maps (with lots of bright colours) to revise the vocab. If you are not a visual learner like me, then maybe you could record you or a friend speaking the language, and then put the sound file on an iPod or MP3 to learn it

Good look in your revision :D

Answered Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 10:24 by R_Hall
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Kerboodle- if you have it ask your teacher to set listening and reading activities on it- it helped me

Answered Thu 24th May, 2012 @ 16:00 by Renn