Does anyone know some really good websites to collect information on the genetics of hair colour of different ethnic groups? Like how are they "passed" down? and how is ethnicity related?

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any SOLID evidence that shows asians typically have dark hair either black/brown, and europeans have lighter hair... etc

Posted Thu 30th August, 2012 @ 03:25 by Bahara Pannah

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if you're doing a research project i don't think you will be able to find enough information in order to get a good solid conclusion:/

but you can imagine it's like the reason why europeans are lighter skinned than say someone in africa - beneficial traits/alleles 

In africa people have darker skin as apposed to white as they have a specific allele. people with light skin and a different allele are more likely to get skin cancer and die and not produce any lighter skinned children and therefore the trait is not passed on meaning there are less light skineed people in africa. for some reason, probably due to linkage dark hair goes with darker skin. the allele for darker skin. as the darked skinned allele is beneficial there is a genetic drift towards a higher percentage of the population having dark skin.

In europe, it's benefcial to have the allele for light skin as then you can absorb more vitamin D and in the time before midwives and the modern nhs, the time of home births a woman would be more likely to survive i fshe had more vitamin D and therefore wider hips dur to more calcium absorbed. this led to a higher infant/mother mortality rate during child birth and a genetic drift in favour of lighter skinned people.

Traits would be passed down - if more people have dark skin/hair as children are produced this trait becomes more common
It may also be a result of a dominant/ recessive allele 

Ethnicity is related in the way people of the same race live in the same area so are under the same pressures so specific characteristics will result due to those being most beneficial at the time:)

I'm not entirely sure of the answer you want but i hope this has helped in showing how it may be environmental/population pressures that have led to different ethnic groups having different hair - a trait which is often linked towards their skin colour

Answered Wed 12th September, 2012 @ 20:30 by Alex