Does anyone know any good ways to learn French speaking paragraphs?

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I have like 38 paragraphs to memorise so need some help!


Posted Sun 31st March, 2013 @ 17:22 by Lucy Carr

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It's the worst, I know. I just finished all my French controlled assessments a few weeks ago. It's such a good feeling to get them out of the way. Our teacher recommends recording it, and then listening to it over and over again, but this really doesn't work well for me. That's just a personal thing though. You could try it and it might work for you. I basically just learnt one paragraph at a time, adding them on each time. I got my mum to test me and make sure I was saying the right things. It really depends what kind of learner you are. If you're a visual learner you should write each paragraph out on coloured paper and make it look attractive, then just read it over and over again. If you're a musical learner you could put the words into a song (just dont sing it in the exam haha), or put music on in the background when you're learning it. It all depends on how you learn best, so figure that out first and then relate it to learning the French. Hope I helped and good luck!

Answered Sun 31st March, 2013 @ 19:17 by Erin
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Thanks ill give those ideas a shot!:)

Answered Sun 31st March, 2013 @ 19:41 by Lucy Carr
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it depends on how much time youve got. and how you learn best. As an actor by nature i learn my speaking paragraphs by read and repeat, as though learning lines for a show. but some prefer to write out their essays again and again (i cant stand doing this though). it all depends on how you learn best. maybe record yourself saying them from reading and lsten to the recording for errors and clarity.

Answered Fri 4th April, 2014 @ 12:43 by parvos98