Does anyone have the OCR F321 and F322 Jan 2012 exam paper?

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Please i need this urgently to support me in my revision, if you have it pls send it to me, i'll be most grateful.

Thanks :) 

Posted Fri 20th April, 2012 @ 23:39 by Helena Okunzuwa

4 Answers

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well i have the latest paper. if you want it, i will email it to you the paper and m/s

Answered Sat 12th May, 2012 @ 12:31 by ELectrica!
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yeh, i have some for f212/3 p.paper and m/s  but it would be better if i emailed it to you

Answered Thu 10th May, 2012 @ 18:35 by ELectrica!
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any body able to send it to me? x 

Answered Tue 22nd May, 2012 @ 13:09 by Beckie
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It's not out yet.

Answered Fri 20th April, 2012 @ 23:59 by Maleficent