Does anyone have any resources for poems from other cultures cluster 2?

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Hey, I was wandering if anyone had any good resources for peoms from other cultures cluster 2, and any tips would be helpful thanks :)

Posted Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 11:24 by Kavita :)

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Hey Pixie, I'm assuming you have exam coming up soon, same. The poems are what I am revising too.

First of all, here are five practice questions that were given to me:

1 Discuss how and why "Unrelated Incidents" and one other poem from Cluster 2 use dialect or phonetic language

2 Compare how "This Room" and at least one other poem from Cluster 2 present the theme of celebration.

3 Compare how "Half-Caste" and at least one other poem from Cluster 2 present the theme of prejudice.

4 Discuss how "Search for my Tongue" and any other poem from Cluster 2 present the theme of being divided between two cultures.

5 Compare how "Search for my Tongue" and at least one other poem from Cluster 2 uses images of  nature.

Now here are only a few main points on each poem that you can expand on as revision:

Search for my Tongue

  • Written in three sections
  • Strong use of imagery 
  • Extended metaphor, (the image of a plant dying and the bud opening etc)
  • Poem about how she fears she is losing her 'mother tongue' and then at the end she realises that it remains with her in her dreams

Unrelated Incidents

  • The tone is angry and aggressive
  • Structure resemble an 'autocue' (the thing that a news reporter reads off)
  • Poem about judging people by the way they speak etc


  • Uses a lot of plays on words etc
  • Challenging tone yet compromising
  • Uses famous names of artists etc e.g. "Tchaikovsky" 
  • Slightly humorous, when talking about weather and such

Not My Business

  • Chorus: Not my business
  • Sinister ways of jeep etc as it is turned into an animal or beast of some kind
  • Some words show the violence e.g. 'booted'

Love After Love

  • Poem meaning is remember yourself and treat yourself nicely
  • The feasting is showing a celebration
  • Enjambement used well and a lot

This Room (I don't know much about this one, sorry)

  • Confusion and celebration
  • Use of alliteration
  • Onomatopoeia

Hurricane Hits England

  • The three African weather gods
  • 'The earth is the earth is the earth' a sense of connection 
  • Feeling comforted by this terrible thing because it reminds her of home 
  • A connection to her ancestors
  • Sense of liberation

Presents for my Aunts in Pakistan

  • She feels split between the two nationalities
  • She doesn't resent the clothing and other gifts but feels belittled by them
  • Look at the presents and what they do to her, some cause pain e.g. bangles, others make her uncomfortable etc

I don't know much about "This Room", "Love After Love" and "Hurricane in England" so if you know more about them, by all means tell me what you know! :)

This is only brief info about the topics and stuff but maybe using it you can explore the themes in each poem because the themes are what we're going to need to talk about.

I hope what I've written is helpful (Rate ME!!!) :D

And if you have any extra info, that would help me also so please write back with other notes and stuff 

Thanks :D

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 15:43 by Zoeeee
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What arre the poems in cluster 2?

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 11:25 by Georgina
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There are 8, this room, love after love, search for my tongue, hurricaine hits england, unrelated incidents, half cast, not my business :)

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 11:41 by Kavita :)
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i dont, sorry i am doing different poems x

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 12:38 by Georgina
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i dont, sorry i am doing different poems x

Answered Tue 17th May, 2011 @ 12:38 by Georgina