Does anyone have any notes or useful website for music GCSE? Its urgent!

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I'm doing music GSCE with CCEA and i need any useful notes on the setworks! We haven't even started the vocal music setworks and the exam is in 2 weeks!  Anything at this stage will be useful! websites, notes, tips? 

Posted Sat 28th April, 2012 @ 11:53 by Sile McKinney

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What are the set works? And don't panic- just go over basic theory things so what the structure is (ternary ABA, binary AB, rondo ABACAD etc, sonata- exposition, development, recapitulation), what the main instruments are, if it's vocal music then look at vocal techniques used (do they use vibrato i.e. does the voice seem to wobble a little towards the end, are the words drawn out over more than one note like th-iii-ssss or does each syllable have its own note?). What period is it from and what characteristics of that period does it have (Baroque- Handel/ Bach/ Purcell, no vibrato, thin texture using strings mostly, maybe harpsichord, very little chromaticism and lots of perfect cadences [the phrases finish with chord V-I], Classical- Mozart/ Haydn, lots of showy offy singing and cadenzas, balanced phrases etc., Romantic- Schubert/ Schumann, often called lieder or songs, more chromatic notes, much more imaginative, lots of vibrato). Let me know what pieces you are doing and I'll try to do you some analysis (I'm a second year sixth form student btw) :)

Answered Sat 28th April, 2012 @ 18:01 by Beth Haworth
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rondo is ABACA not ABACAD

Answered Sun 13th May, 2012 @ 11:52 by Ellen
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Rondo form - 'starts with a main idea in section A, moves into a new section, goes round again to A , moves to another section, goes round again to section many times as you like '

So it can be ABAC, ABACA, ABACAD, ABACADA, ABACADAE............and so on..

Answered Mon 14th May, 2012 @ 20:22 by FutureMedic