Does anyone have any good websites for GCSE German revision?

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Hello, I am taking my German Listening and Reading exams in June, and I have already recieved some revision material from my teacher.

But apart from BBC resources, does anyone have any websites I could use for these exams?

Thank you :-)

Posted: 26-04-12 12:29 by Libby

Hi Libby,

I can see you! I suggest you use books in your classroom ;]

Or possibly linguascope- such an AWESOME website YO 8)

Posted: 26-04-12 12:43 by Hannah

Our teacher recommended watching German programmes/films on Youtube for the listening exam. I watched Ice Age 2 in German, it was a good and a relaxed way of revising and picking out words you hear. Or you could use some of theses websites:


- Ice Age 2 in German:

- WJEC , AQA and Edexcel websites for past papers. They all pretty muc h cover the same topics


Hope this helps :)

Posted: 28-05-12 21:22 by Fareeha

The kerboodle website is really good and it has a vocabulary builder on it to test your vocabulary if your school signed up for it.

Posted: 16-06-12 18:50 by Joanne