Does anyone have any good ways to revise history ?

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History is my hardest subject:( I enjoy it and I am fully committed to it,but I just cant find an easy way to take notes that help me learn all of the content. I maneged to get an A in my first exam but that was only due to last minute cramming! Someone please help me ???

Posted Sun 18th March, 2012 @ 15:49 by Meg Ancrum

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Few tips:

  • Write notes like for every subject
  • Make diagrams
  • Print useful pictures
  • Mind-maps

All the above, I use and they reallly help!

Also, look on the Internet and you'll find loads of good sites where you can look through free PowerPoints which are amazing for learning! And finally, just simply going to the library and picking up some of the fact books you find there can amazingly help!

Hope you try some of these tactics and that some of them are beneficial to your use. :)

Answered Mon 19th March, 2012 @ 15:22 by Turtle 360
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I have a similar problem. Best ways I think are timelines, listening to podcasts, and watching the history channel- you'd be surprised how much there is there. Also ipod apps are really good- just keep testing yourself on the facts. Let me know if you find any new methods...

Answered Sun 18th March, 2012 @ 18:17 by Elizabeth
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i'm in a similar sitch, but i find that writing things down with mindmaps and stuff really helps:

  • for each topic, read through your book first, then go back and highlight it.
  • have a break and then go back to the topic, using a mind map to jot the key points down
  • try and do this later without looking, and then see what you have missed

keep doing this until you can remember everything, it's effort, but it really works for me!Also, don't try to revise to much at a time - do it in chunks. Hope this has helped :)

Answered Thu 22nd March, 2012 @ 17:37 by ellie
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thank you very much to all of you i will start using all of your techniques :)

Answered Sun 25th March, 2012 @ 12:53 by Meg Ancrum