Does anyone else have a speaking exam coming up or can you help me with mine?

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I have a speaking exam and we have been given six bullet points we need to talk about. They are:

  1. About your family
  2. How you get along with your family
  3. What your last birthday was about
  4. How you keep fit and healthy
  5. How You spent your last weekend and your opinion on it
  6. What you will do this evening

I don't want anyone to go writing an answer or anything but it would just be useful if I could have a few tips please!

Posted Fri 22nd June, 2012 @ 09:43 by Lilli

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In order to achieve higher grades, use a different tense than the intended tense given in the question (only need a small example). the second question you would answer in present tense so maybe add a little bit of past tense. For example. Je ne m'entends bien avec mon frere par example hier soir...

or on the fifth question you could use a bit of present tense like Normalement, je ne fais pas beaucoup de chose le weekend mais le weekend dernier.... 

Also try not to use vocab loads of times. So when you want to say 'beaucoup de' you could say instead 'de nombreux' (numerous), 'tant de' (so much), 'enormement de (lots of)' but remember to make it agree with the gender of the noun!

Hope that helps! 

Answered Fri 22nd June, 2012 @ 10:13 by Dilly
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