Does anyone doing AQA ICT INFO 3 have any questions that the think will be on the June 2012 exam having seen the pre release material?

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just wondered if anyone had any material for the exam in june 2012???

Posted Tue 8th May, 2012 @ 12:21 by Joseph Kelly

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Possible Questions:

Both teams used different techniques for collecting data. The Hope team interviewed the business administration team whilst Endurance examined some ICT journals and visited a number of ICT and technology websites.

State two problems the data collection method employed by Endurance might have had with regard to the success of the final project.(4 marks)


They did not collect data from people directly involved with the business, i.e. the end user, as to workflow methods and processes. Their data collection methods would not have shown any existing problems such as bottlenecks.

Although they had an overview of the requirements they did not have specific job roles and descriptions of the tasks, especially those carried out by the end user.

Team Endurance has deciced that because the system may become large-scale they would need off-site data storage for backup media. 

Within areas of cost, backup frequency, safety, recoverability and backup media explain what team Endurance would have had to consider in coming to this decision. (10 marks)


Team Endurance would need to consider several factors about backup and recovery of large scale systems.

It would cost the company to implement data storage for backup media since they have to pay for storage facilities, or the cost could be in terms of using up valuable space.

If the system requires lots of backups per day then this off site data storage could be time consuming in terms of delivery especially if the other office is far away. It is important that the backup media is secure from physical damage, be this a locked room, or stored at the right temperature.

Should the data be required, if the off-site media is too far away the business will not be able to function properly until the data is received. The media stored off-site might require special hardware to restore it and this special software needs to be at hand. Some media is more robust than others and less susceptible to damage

Both teams had conflicting ways of providing the requires ICT. Team Hope decided to outsource all required ICT and team Endurance decided to develop all required ICT in-house.

Discuss these two solutions. (10 marks)


Outsourcing is the transfer of a function of an organisation to an external company that provides this service. In-house means all required resouces are developed using the expertise of the staff that the business employs. with regards to outsourcing SP can concentrate on what they do best and gain external expertise from unfamiliar areas. They can manage growth more effectively as the business expands but need to be careful incase any outsourced suppliers close down as they could be left unable to function correctly and with an area of the company in which they have little knowledge.

Wit regards to in-house development sp could save initial costs by using the staff expertise but this staff might not be able to do what they want them to. However, because the developers are also on site, it also means that any updates, modification etc.should be able to carried out quickly and effectively. Help is always available; however if a developer decides to leave the company, then the expertise of that person goes too.

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what pre- released material? gcse? 

Answered Fri 18th May, 2012 @ 22:09 by Mary Nash
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Do you have the zigzag practice paper for june 2012 with the mark scheme isuruar, could you send it to me please?

Answered Thu 7th June, 2012 @ 20:14 by Nathan